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Our Mission

The New Americans Alliance for Policy and Research (NAAPR) builds the prosperity, influence, and inclusion of refugees and immigrants through policy advocacy, education, research, and community-driven programs.

Our Vision

We seek a world where no humans are forced to flee their homelands, and , until then, a world where those who have been forced to flee are honored, respected, and welcomed with open arms.

Our Story

Our journey started in 2007, when our founder envisioned and organized the first ever Refugee and Immigrant Legislative Day in Washington State. Through collaboration with more than 30 nonprofits, we affirmed the notion that a unified front will produce the most progress for the rights of all refugees and immigrants, regardless of group identity.

In 2021, NAAPR was established with the primary purpose of harnessing the power and activism of New Americans to promote their prosperity, influence, and inclusion. Through advocacy, education, policy analysis, and research, our goal is to disseminate information and to provide New Americans with the tools they need to better engage in civic discourse, shape public policy, and champion community action research that would inform policy and practice, affecting their lives. We seek long-term collaboration with refugee and immigrant organizations, legislators, media, academia, and New Americans to change the current false narrative about refugees and immigrants that constructs them as criminals, terrorists, and a burden on resources.

NAAPR founder Someireh Amirfaiz at the Refugee and Immigrant Legislative Day in Olympia, WA.

How We’re Different

Our mission focuses on advocacy, education, policy, and research as the primary means to advance the interest and influence of New Americans.

We energize New Americans to get engaged in policy discussions and offer solutions.

We work with New Americans to reshape the dominant narrative that refugees and immigrants are individuals without any personal or political agency, devoid of valued skills, who seek a home in the United States in order to inflict harm and drain its resources.

We highlight the factors contributing to forced migration, the world-wide refugee crisis, and U.S. immigration and refugee admission policies.

Our Core Values

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We believe in the dignity and equality of all humans. We fiercely hold onto the belief that all those who have been forced to flee their homelands are courageous and successful individuals temporarily without financial resources and opportunities.

Transformation and change are only possible when we unite to overcome imbalances in power, resources, or opportunities.

We embrace the leadership of New Americans and believe in their ability to mobilize others in a positive way. Only they can create different visions of what is possible and necessary for an inclusive society.

We are committed to amplifying the voices of New Americans and changing current narratives depicting them as a burden to society and a threat to U.S. national security.

Questioning why and how things are done is in our DNA. We don’t accept answers and solutions that are not informed by and applicable to New Americans’ lived experiences.

Creating different visions for what is possible and desirable takes time and courage. We are committed to working with New Americans to affect change and to highlight the importance of their contributions to the success of the United States.